Could This Be the Secret to a Longer Life?

Sacha Strebe

Thanks to technology, we are more connected than ever, we have flexible workspaces (hello, at-home office), and our family and friends are but a FaceTime away. Unfortunately, this modern convenience we all love and rely on has greatly impacted our social lives—in the real world, not the digital one. In addition to regular exercise and healthy eating habits, new research suggests the amount of real social interaction you get can help to predict how long you'll live. And according to a U.S. Census, Americans really enjoy their solitude; 10% of Americans work alone in remote offices, and over 13% live alone, the highest rate of solo living in American history. So while taking time out for yourself is also important, it's time to reconnect with your girlfriends and enjoy a good night out every now and then, because hey, it just might help to extend your life. Now that's the kind of news we all want to read on a Friday!

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