Second Life Podcast: Meet a Vogue Alum Who Left the Mag to Start Her Own Brand

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Second Life

Meredith Melling is proof that landing your dream job isn't the end of your career path. In fact, it might even just be the beginning. Melling always wanted to work in fashion, and with a bit of luck, good timing, and the smart decision to dress for the job she wanted, not the job she had, she landed the coveted title of a fashion assistant at Vogue early in her career. But that was only the start of her journey toward creating her own consulting business and co-founding fashion brand La Ligne.

"I did always love fashion," Melling tells Hillary Kerr on episode 38 of Second Life. After studying English in school, Melling got her start on the advertising side of things at Vogue and managed to make the leap to fashion by way of a program Condé Nast ran at the time that allowed prospective employees to move around in different departments until a job opened up that they were a fit for. Melling ended up working at Self, but when a position opened up in the fashion department at Vogue, she took things into her own hands.

"When I was getting ready for work, I was like, 'You know what? I'm not going to dress for the job I have. I'm going to dress for the job I want. And I want that Vogue job,'" she remembers. That very day she was called into her first meeting with Anna Wintour, and it was the start of more than a decade that Melling would spend at Vogue before moving on to her next endeavour.

Melling eventually left the magazine with colleague Valerie Macaulay to start a creative consultancy named La Marque. A few years later, it was time again to pivot. This time, the duo would partner with Molly Howard—the former head of business development at Rag & Bone—to launch their own clothing brand, La Ligne. It was a scary move for Melling but she couldn't imagine it any other way. "I would rather face a whole new host of challenges and start the learning curve all over again than trudge along in something that I didn't feel connected to anymore," she says.

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