This Stunning Seattle Home Puts Glam Firmly Back on the Design Map

Classic and modern elements define this striking Seattle home designed by Michelle Dirkse, owner and principal designer of Michelle Dirkse Interior Design. Coming in at 2000 square feet, the one and a half story home with a partially finished basement offered a large canvas for Dirkse to work with, and she made every inch count.

The design process began with a major renovation of the house that was originally built back in 1942. Dirkse and her team refinished the oak floors, added new lighting throughout the space, and repainted all of the interiors. They also modified a few doorways to create a more symmetrical layout and added a trim for the classic wainscoting on the walls. All in all, it was a major overhaul that proved to be well worth the effort.

"My goal was to honour the home's history and architecture while also reflecting the client's personality and lifestyle," Dirske tells MyDomaine. The completed project comes across and glamorous and modern, meeting the designer's expectations. Keep scrolling for a complete tour of the Seattle home and for a look at some of the décor that brought the space together.

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