Home Tour: A Tailored Condo in the City

Designer Brian Paquette may have scored a dream job when a stylish client asked for his help decorating his small Seattle condo. Starting from scratch with only three existing paintings the client wanted to use, Paquette developed a comprehensive design for the 650-square-foot space in one of downtown Seattle’s most fashionable buildings. Turns out, Paquette’s team delivered exactly what the client was after. “I was headed to L.A. the day after we completed the installation, and to my surprise upon landing, I received a text message that our client had flown home from a business trip a day early because he couldn't wait to see the finished product,” the designer tells us. “He was happy and excited, and to me, that is all that matters.”

Keep scrolling to see the stylish space and hear about the inspiration behind the design.

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