Every Scandinavian Woman Owns These 6 Décor Pieces—Do You?

Gabrielle Savoie

There's no denying that Scandinavian countries have a natural talent for decorating and design. Many famous midcentury-modern designers and architects like Fritz Hansen came out of Denmark, while Sweden's IKEA has stolen the hearts of homeowners around the world with its approachable well-designed pieces. It seems as though these Nordic countries have perfected the art of cosy minimalistic interiors—perhaps a result of spending many winter months inside. 

What can we learn from Scandinavian countries when designing our homes? For starters, there's hygge—or the art of making a home feel cosy and welcoming. Then, there is minimalism—or the skill of exercising restraint with anything from knickknacks to furniture. At the core of it all are a few key pieces that seem to pop up in every Scandinavian home. From midcentury Danish chairs to cosy sheepskin throws, here are six Scandinavian capsule décor pieces you're likely to find in every home from Denmark to Sweden.

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