9 Low-Key Scandi Baby Names That Are About to Be Everywhere

Nicole Singh

Whether you’re planning on having a child soon, or are nowhere near that next chapter, it’s never too early to start planning baby names. And with the struggle to find the most unique of monikers very real, we’ve another prediction for the latest trend that will be hitting Australian birth certificates very soon: Scandinavian names.

We’ve already given you the run-down on some of the latest popular naming trends, from aristocratic British options, to the gender-neutral Japanese names that we think will be huge this year. And our next prediction is that the rest of the world will start adopting the unique names Scandinavians commonly use. 

Besides our casual obsession with IKEA, the Scandinavian minimalist design aesthete has taken the world by storm, and so too has their way of life (how do you hygge?). It’s easy to imagine that their naming practices will soon enter the foray as well.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favourite names and what they mean.

Boy Names:


Meaning: Brave. 


Meaning: Love. 


Meaning: Gift of God. 


Meaning: One who is sheltered. 

Girl Names:


Meaning: Noble. 


Meaning: Simple and humble. 


Meaning: Sun’s gift.


Meaning: One with clear vision. 


Meaning: One who is noble.

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