Here's Why You Should Book Your Next Trip Through Google Flights

Sabrina Paparella

The ultimate perk in travelling to a faraway destination is the much-needed break from the stress (and boredom) of your everyday routine. That being said, the road to that little slice of paradise can be agonizing. Cue the questions… What's a better deal: Paris or Rome? When's a better time to travel: April or May? Put those nagging worries to rest—Google's new tool, Google Flights, makes planning a pinch. In short, Google Flights gives users a comprehensive look at its booking options, but the tool provides more than the average flight aggregator. Looking to compare airfare or get destination ideas? Google Flights can guide your trip from research to booking. There has never been an easier way to save money with Google Flights, and we're rounding up the many helpful little tools it provides. Keep reading to learn why you need to use Google Flights to plan your next trip.

Research Destinations

One of the ways Google Flights separates itself from other flight aggregators is by allowing the user to not only book flights, but also research destinations. If you aren't yet set on a specific city, Google Flights' map setting gives a comprehensive view of average ticket prices for cities across the globe. Google Flights also lets users search by interest. The "flights" category separates trips into themes like island destinations, honeymoon destinations, and more. The flights tab can be broken down further by interests like food, shopping, and adventure travel.

Search Pricing by Date

For the budget-conscious traveller, Google Flights has one serious perk: viewing ticket prices based on dates. After selecting a destination, you will have to choose specific dates to and from your place of choice. Each day in the calendar will have a specific price listed underneath, allowing you to pinpoint the changes in price at a glance. If your travel dates are flexible, this tool is an absolute must.

Track Flights and Prices

Have dates in mind but not quite ready to book? Google Flights allows you to track airfare both by flight and destination. List flights by price, duration, airline, or stops. Once you've chosen a flight to track, you can view a timeline of the ticket's price history. Google Flights provides an email notification option when prices change. If you have a destination and dates in mind, but not a specific flight, you can also keep tabs on overall pricing by city. This will give you the overall cheapest flight price available on those given dates to that destination and will notify you if that price drops. Tracking prices is also a helpful way to have multiple flights saved to return to later for comparison.

Compare At-a-Glance Amenities

Stuck between two similar flights? Google Flights not only breaks down the price, time, and the date, but it also gives you a look at onboard amenities. Learn if your flight will include Wi-Fi, in-seat power, and—our personal favourite—get the lowdown on legroom stats at your seat. Google Flights will also give you little tips as you move navigate through your search. This can include hints about price drops for travelling on different days or landing at a different airport. It will also tip you off if a more luxurious liner is available for a similar price.

Share Itinerary

Travelling with a partner or meeting up with a group at your destination? Google Flights makes it incredibly easy to share your travel plans. Email your itinerary out or create an embeddable link to send along to a friend. You can also share your itinerary on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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