Why a Former Med Student Dropped Out to Disrupt the Wellness Space

After her first-ever medical school class, something just clicked for Sara Panton. While learning about the olfactory system, she had an epiphany led her to drop out of medical school to disrupt the wellness space. Enter Vitruvi, a cool aromatherapy brand that's garnered something of a cult following among the Goop-minded set.

Although it might have seemed like it was a difficult choice, the decision to leave medical school was surprisingly easy for Panton. "I knew I wanted to help women take care of themselves and to empower them to take on the world with the most energy and clarity and sense of well-being that they could," she told MyDomaine. Somewhat counterintuitively, quitting medical school and co-founding Vitruvi allowed her to merge her passion for wellness with her desire to help women take care of themselves.

Ahead, we ask the co-founder of Vitruvi about her decision to drop out of medical school, her determination to disrupt the wellness space, and the most surprising thing she's learned from becoming an entrepreneur.

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