Samantha Wills' NYC Apartment Is a Minimalists Dream

Lauren Powell

Jordan James for Gritty Pretty Magazine

A New York City loft may be a far cry from a Sydney beachside abode, but when you step inside Samantha Wills’ Manhattan apartment, you could be forgiven for thinking you were Down Under. The founder and creative director of her eponymous jewellery label recently welcomed Gritty Pretty Magazine into her home, a place that is clearly inspired by her love for Australia. “It is very New York in architecture, but my interior style is probably more reflective of my Aussie upbringing—lots of fresh greenery, images of horses on the beach, and surfboard prints,” says Wills of her Big Apple residence.

Located in the Meatpacking District neighbourhood, the one-bedroom, open-plan apartment boasts stunning 18ft ceilings, a monochromatic palette, minimalist furniture, and a collection of indoor plants that would impress even a nursery. “Given the concrete jungle of New York, I wanted to ensure my home felt like a sanctuary, and especially reflected my love for luxe bohemian aesthetics,” Wills told Gritty Pretty Magazine. “Having greenery was really important, and keeping everything like it could be a modern beach house, makes me feel not too far away from home.” Scroll down and take a tour through her minimalist and completely charming home.

To take the full tour, head to Gritty Pretty Magazine and shop Wills’ coveted jewellery designs.

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