We Feel You: 16 Sad Movies to Watch When You Just Need to Let It Out

Kelly Dawson

As much as there are days when we want to do nothing more than laugh, smile, and enjoy all the good things in life, there are others when we would honestly rather relish in its dark side. Maybe it's been a while since we've had a good cry, maybe we're frustrated about a plan gone to pieces, or maybe we simply want to turn our backs on sunny skies and puppies for the time being.

Whatever the cause of our blues may be, feeling sad shouldn't be glossed over. And when that mood hits you, too, then there's sometimes only one suitable solution: Draw the curtains and turn on a movie that gets exactly how you feel.

We scrolled through the Netflix library to zero in on the types of movies that meet this raw emotion. From long-standing classics to new favourites, as well as stories based on true events and tales rooted in fiction, these are the 20 sad movies on Netflix that you should watch when you're feeling blue.

They won't exactly cheer you up, but they will let you stay in that melancholy space until you're ready for something new.

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