Our Guess? A Millennial Pink Food Trend Is About to Take Off

Nicole Singh

Millenial pink has well and truly taken over the internet with fashion and interior gurus utilising the peachy shade in everything from bathroom tiles, statement furniture, to sleek bombers. And now, in recent news, the pink-hue is making its way into the culinary world with esteemed chocolatiers Barry Callebaut creating a pastel pink option. 

This is no small feat either, with Chloe Sargeant from the SBS dating the last time a new type of chocolate (white chocolate) was released to the world in the 1930s—can you imagine a world without Milky Bars? 

You've probably seen pink chocolate before, but Callebaut's creation is actually pink in its nature, as opposed to being coloured once melted, with the chocolate being made from the Ruby Cocoa Bean, giving it a soft and fruity taste. Some chocolate experts even describing it to have palate cleansing capabilities. 

Callebaut Chocolate's Australian representatives have yet to confirm a specific release date for the chocolate in Australia, with the process taking anywhere from six to 18 months to hit mass production. You'll find us here (im)patiently waiting.

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