This Magazine Editor Shares Her Best Career Advice for 20-Somethings

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Courtesy of Business Insider Australia

Having been at the helm of one of the world's most successful fashion magazines for over 15 years, Robbie Myers sure know a thing or two about climbing the career ladder. The editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine in the US may not be household name herself, but the publication with 44 international editions that reaches over 16 million women globally, of which she is responsible for certainly is, which is why Myers’ exudes such intrigue.

In a rare interview, the ultimate girl boss whose unsurprisingly impressive resume includes stints at Rolling Stone, Interview, and Seventeen magazines revealed to Business Insider Australia her best career advice and the secret to her success. She believes you should take your career journey in your stride and not to get too ahead of yourself. “You should not be trying to get the big job, you should be trying to get the next job,” Myers suggests. “You should be getting good at what you’re doing. If you spend years frustrated that your talents are not being put to good use, that’s kind of on you. You should figure out how to put them to good use in your current position.”

And her final piece of advice is simple, but crucial. “Just get everyone’s phone number, because as you go through your life, you’ll think of a reason to call them up,” she adds. The best part of Myers advice? We can all do it.  

To find out what a day in the life of Myers looks like (hint: busy), head to Business Insider Australia and shop a selection of our favourite fashionable office essentials below.

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