How Virgin Boss Richard Branson Became a Millionaire

Sacha Strebe

Not only is Sir Richard Branson one of the world's richest men, but he's also one of the most popular. Forbes named him "one of Britain's highest-profile billionaires" because he's proof that a business magnate can make loads of money, and have fun while doing it. His $5.5 billion fortune comes courtesy of his Virgin brand, which runs airlines, telephone companies, financial services, health clubs, travel agencies, and wine stores, and he's even working on his first space flight endeavour, Virgin Galactic, which is still in the making. But how did the money-making billionaire with the cheshire smile make his first million? Watch the video above to find out via Time. The answer will surprise you—it has something to do with The Exorcist

Read more about Richard Branson in his book Losing My Virginity.

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