This Is What The Perfect Resume Looks Like

by Daniel Barna

Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser

One of the most intimidating aspects of applying for a new job is crafting the perfect resume. The sheer amount of templates available online can give even the most seasoned expert fits. But according to one resume expert, there are still some cardinal rules that hold true when assembling the perfect resume.

Amanda Augustine, a career-advice expert for TopResume, recently spoke to Business Insider Australia and divulged some surefire ways to ensure that your resume stands out from the pack. According to Augustine, the top third of the resume should give employers a a snapshot of who you are. It should answer questions such as what type of job you’re targeting and why you’re qualified for it. Augustine also recommends using that space to tease the rest of the resume.

Providing an objective is a mistake that a lot of people make, Augustine adds. According to her, objectives tend to come off as vague and don’t really reveal anything about the candidate. Instead of telling a prospective employer what you can provide them, it merely explains what you want from them. Augustine suggests replacing the objective with a personal summary that also serves to explain what you’re passionate about and you're area of expertise.

As for the actual formatting—which is what often times gives people the most anxiety—Augustine contends that section headers should be between 13-16 sized font, while the main body should be between 10-12 sized font. In terms of length, Augustine suggests keeping your resume at one page if you're applying for an entry level position. Those of you who are at least five years out of college and have had multiple jobs can extend your resume to two pages.

For more resume tips from an expert visit Business Insider Australia.

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