9 Insider Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Lauren Powell

Let’s be honest, a kitchen renovation has the potential to cost a fortune. But if you’re an aspiring renovator dreaming of creating a new culinary hub and done have that fortune sitting in your bank account, never fear, all is not lost.

With the help of proactive planning, clever decision making, and some expert secrets, a bank account-approved renovation is possible. Enter, Josh Mammoliti the founder of The Blue Space—an e-commerce website that guarantees kitchen and bathroom renovations to be stress-free, curated, and ultimately, Pinterest-worthy.

Mammoliti has shared his most invaluable insider tips on how to renovate your kitchen on a budget—read on to create your ultimate heart of the home without sacrificing your life savings.  

1. Make a plan

Have your plan and budget in place before you start consulting the professionals. Run this plan by the trades and retailers you will be dealing with, get their feedback as they’ve been through this many times before (especially if this is your first renovation). This can often save you money in the long run.

2. Confirm products, layouts, and fitting early 

Plan your products, layouts, and fittings early on and don't change your mind! Changes made mid-project will often blow the cost out significantly and can de-rail even the best laid plan. 

3. Choose a good tradesperson

Working with a good tradesperson is a smart way to save money as they often have their own little black book of contacts that will save you dollars. Get three quotes for trades, but remember you get what you pay for, so make sure you feel comfortable with the people you are dealing with.

4. Keep existing plumbing or electrical fittings

Don't move existing plumbing or electrical fittings. Often it is changes to plumbing and electrical work behind walls that add complexity and cost to your renovation. On the flip side, a perfect layout adds value to your home, so if it needs to move, move it.

5. Order all products before you commence work

Order all of your products and fittings early on. Do this before you book in your trades. It doesn't cost anything for products to sit in your home waiting to be installed, but trades sitting in your home waiting for products to arrive will.

6. Choose cost-effective materials

Laminate benchtops can be a third of the cost of a stone benchtop and still boast heat and scratch resistance, plus they come in a range of beautiful finishes that often mimic a stone look. You can also save on benchtops by splurging on a wood or stone island to contrast the laminate bench in the rest of the kitchen.

7. Opt for LED lighting

LED strip lighting underneath floor and overhead cabinets not only makes a big impact and adds practicality to your kitchen space, but it's also very energy efficient night lighting.

8. Storage, storage, storage

Don’t skimp on storage space and functionality in your kitchen, as this will add value and practicality to your renovation. Drawers in the base cabinets are more ergonomic and provide better access to plates and pots. Build your wall cabinets up to the ceiling to provide more storage space per square metre.

9. Go classic

Choose timeless, quality fittings that won't date over time, especially if you are looking to sell in a few years. Stainless steel in the kitchen is still the most popular choice.

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