Womaneer: Meet the Sydney Woman Committed to Fine Dining and Sustainability

Amanda Bardas

Introducing: Womaneer, our new series that highlights and celebrates the oft–overlooked women of our day who are making waves in the fields of politics, crypto-currency, not-for-profit, and design. Each of these women have something in common: vision, grit, and a heavy dose of persistence that keeps them going despite the odds.

These women are proof that the gender gap is closing… that is, if you fight for it. With some guts, you can become the next pioneering voice in your field—a womaneer. We've heard from Aimie Rigas of Power Ledger and Caitlin Barrett of Love Mercy Australia, now, meet Rebecca Yazbek, co-founder of NOMAD.

The Sydney-based restaurant aims to run a sustainable business, working with like-minded suppliers, producers, growers, and contractors to minimise its carbon footprint. Read on, to discover how Yazbek has found success in a male-dominated industry.



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