The Single Best Way to Give Your Bedroom Character

Sophie Miura

We spend a third of our life in bed, yet as designer and artist Rebecca Atwood points out, it's often the last place we thoughtfully decorate. "The bedroom is your most personal space, and it's often one that gets neglected while you focus on decorating more public areas of your home that everyone uses and guests see," she says. "Creating your perfect bedroom is important because it's a space for you to recharge."

After struggling to find unique bedding beyond basics, Atwood decided to create her own line of sheets, pillowcases, and throws that instantly imbue any bedroom with personality. True to her signature aesthetic, colour and pattern play a major role in the designs. "I've always felt that pattern provides a sense of intimacy and can be transportive," she tells MyDomaine. And transportive it is: A blue duvet cover mirrors the serene ocean waves, a striped pillowcase looks like rain drizzling down a windowpane, and calming crescent moons dot a lumbar pillow. "Spending time in nature has always helped me feel more grounded and less stressed, so I wanted to create patterns that would bring that feeling into the bedroom," she says.

No need to panic, minimalists: Here's how a pattern pro would give your bedroom character this spring.

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