Confirmed: Doing This With Your Kids Makes Them More Independent

Dacy Knight

Lova Taza

The idea of travelling with kids can be a bit daunting. International (and even domestic) vacations are hectic enough among adults, but having little ones in tow can make things even more complicated. Even mums who are proponents of travelling with children admit it's never easy, but the rewards are well worth it. Not only are you providing your kids with experiential learning, exposing them to new cultures, and broadening their horizons, you're pushing them to be better adapted youngsters who's grow into more successful individuals. Inc. recently detailed the ways children become better people from travelling—not just in the moment, but years down the road. They admit that travelling as a family can be expensive, "but the long-term rewards of seeing the world far outweigh the costs." Below we've highlighted some of the biggest ways children benefit from travelling.

They become more self-sufficient. Having kids along on the adventure places them out of their comfort zone. They're challenged to tackle new experiences in new environments. 

They become more appreciative. Exposure to new cultures and ways of living will teach children there's more than just their way of life. "Driving through places where the houses look very different from their own helps them understand that millions (and billions, worldwide) of people live vastly different existences."

They become more open-minded. When travelling, children are forced to switch things up. From their go-to favourite meals to the their usual activities, they will be taking a break to try novel things that will help them become more open-minded.

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