31 Reasons to Throw a Party... for No Reason!

Katie Sweeney

There is the unfortunate misconception that a party must be held around a special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, engagement, or holiday, the majority of people throw a party for a valid and specific reason. But what if it’s September 28 and there is no holiday, birthday, or wedding in the near future? Does that mean you’re not allowed to host the most memorable and fun bash ever? No! I’m a firm believer that you can have a celebration whenever you want for whatever you want. To inspire you to get your hostess-with-the-mostess hat out, I’ve come up with 31 reasons to throw a party for no reason. So go ahead: Text your friends, pop the Champagne, plate the cheese, and have the most stylish affair around, simply because you can.

1. There is a full moon.

2. It’s fashion week.

3. There is a new episode of Empire on.

4. It’s Friday. Or Saturday. Or Tuesday.

5. Someone is moving away.

6. Someone is moving back.

7. Your brother wants to introduce you to his new girlfriend.

8. You just got back from an amazing vacation and want to recreate some of the exotic cuisine you tasted while travelling.

9. An old friend you haven’t seen in forever is in town.

10. Your best friend and her significant other just broke up. Nothing like a party to cheer her up!

11. You bought the prettiest new tablecloth.

12. Your apartment is finally decorated.

13. Your apartment is clean!

14. Your first wine club shipment has arrived.

15. You were given a hefty gift card to Trader Joe’s.

16. You’ve finally decided to quit your job/start your own business/travel the world.

17. It’s your half birthday!

18. You just bought a new dress. 

19. You consistently worked out five days in a row this week.

20. BevMo is having a sale on Champagne.

21. Your favourite football team is playing a rival and the game is on TV.

22. You’ve finally mastered Julia Child’s beef bourguignon.

23. You came across the most amazing vintage punch bowl and matching glasses at the markets.

24. You feel like making fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and cocktails.

25. You’re having an exceptional hair day.

26. It’s the first rain or snow of the season.

27. You’ve harvested the last of your heirloom tomatoes.

28. You got a raise, promotion, or more holiday time. Congrats!

29. You worked to achieve something (pass a test, finish occupational therapy school, give a presentation at work) and you nailed it.

30. You’ve taken a cocktail-making class and are anxious to show off your new skills as a bartender.

31. The flowers in your garden are blooming.

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What’s your favourite reason to have a party?

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