I'm Not Sharing My Baby's Birth Announcement on Social Media—Here's Why

Like most first-time parents, it was impossible to describe the joy and love I felt when my son was born. My Facebook and Instagram accounts, however, might’ve told a different story: One week after our firstborn arrived, my husband and I had yet to share the exciting news.

In fact, some people didn’t know we were expecting until six months into my pregnancy. We didn’t post an “old-fashioned” ultrasound photo on social media. We shared a cryptic crossword puzzle on Facebook instead, mainly as a curious social experiment to see who could decode the news first.

Our birth announcement delay was unintentional. My husband and I spent nearly two weeks in the hospital due to a few minor health scares with our son, and we were exhausted. The last thing on our minds was finding a like-worthy photo and crafting a heartwarming caption. We barely mustered enough energy to send an announcement email with pictures to close family and friends.

We recently welcomed our second child, a daughter, but this time we purposefully withheld her birth news on social media until we felt we had enough time to bond with her. As it turns out, I’m a part of a growing number of parents who, for various reasons, are backing away from online sharing—otherwise known as “sharenting”—or eschewing it altogether.

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