Real Girls Share the One Décor Item They Wish They Never Bought

Gabrielle Savoie

Learning from your mistakes is great, but you know what's even better? Learning from other people's mistakes—especially when decorating is concerned. Decorating mistakes can be costly to fix, especially when shipping costs or broken pieces are involved. Even the most seasoned interior designers make mistakes, so it's almost unavoidable when decorating from scratch. But we are committed to minimising the potential of these décor faux pas here at MyDomaine Australia, so we turned to Instagram to ask real girls to share their worst mistake.

A few key lessons were learned: Never buy a sofa without sitting in it first, avoid poorly constructed replica furniture, and stay away from viscose rugs (especially around kids and pets). But that's not all—there are tons of other potential disasters just waiting to happen. Want to know what other mistakes should be avoided at all costs? We rounded up our favourite real-life decorating mistakes—and offered great alternative solutions to each.

And now, the décor mistake I made at 20 that I'd never make now.

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