Rashida Jones Shares Her #1 Career Tip

Julia Millay Walsh

Actress, writer, and producer Rashida Jones is adding a new title to her résumé: career coach. The star recently penned an article for Wired titled "The Essential Guide to Happiness at Work," and along with it, she sat down to chat with the magazine about how to stay inspired at the office, her best career advice, and her fantasy jobs. We feel particularly inspired by some of the advice her famed musician and record producer father, Quincy Jones, gave her: "Pick two things to pursue and get really good at those two things and know everything about those two things. Feel lucky that you’re able to do something that you love, because that is a huge gift." Watch the video above for more of the Jones's wisdom!

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What's the best career advice you learned from your parents? Tell us in the comments below.

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