The Weather Can't Stop You From Enjoying These 16 Rainy Day Date Ideas

by Zoe Brown

There’s a lot to love about the rain. It cleans streets and cars, and it gives life to forgotten plants that have not been watered in weeks. It may even create a peaceful calm in an otherwise bustling city as everyone takes cover indoors. Of course, it also means that all plans to spend the day outside are ruined.

A rainy day may be inconvenient, and if you have a date night, it doesn’t have to be disappointing. Romance shouldn’t hinge on the weather happening outdoors, so with that logic, your date doesn’t need to be cooped up at home, either. Scrap the picnic and come up with an equally as wonderful plan B.

We have some ideas that may help. Check out our rainy day date ideas below, or just splash around in some puddles doing your best Gene Kelly impression.

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