Rachel Zoe Shares Her Travelling and Packing Hacks

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Between her many roles as a self-made stylist, fashion designer, author, and businesswoman, Rachel Zoe basically wrote the book on travelling in style. From her Los Angeles home to her DreamDry salon chains in New York and Chicago, it’s safe to say that the mother of two manages a hectic travel schedule that mirrors that of her extremely busy lifestyle. In the spirit of New York Fashion Week and all the strategic packing, repacking, and jet-setting it inspires, Zoe recently shared her ultimate travel and packing guide with Architectural Digest. Here’s what she had to say:

On planning ahead

“I try to pack about three days in advance and ship out my luggage prior to my departure,” says Zoe. “I always feel the most organised when I can get it all done in advance. However, I sometimes get stuck packing the night before.”

On her number one packing hack

“Store all your shoes in dust bags to prevent them from scratching against each other,” says Zoe. “Anything fragile or precious should go in plastic or garment bags. Keep your clothing on thin velvet hangers to make unpacking easier.”

On her luggage essentials

“I always travel with my Louis Vuitton carry-on,” says Zoe. “When travelling with my sons, I pack their essentials in an LV duffel. These are tried-and-true classic pieces and have held up beautifully.”

Head over to Architectural Digest for Rachel Zoe’s full travelling guide, and share your go-to travel hacks with us!

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