The Foolproof Confidence Hack Every 20-Something Needs

Kelsey Clark

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Pure, unadulterated confidence, the kind that instantly captivates the attention of a room, can take a lifetime to build. With that said, 20-somethings should compile an arsenal of go-to confidence hacks for high-pressure situations, like job interviews, work presentations, or first dates. Thanks to Inc., we're adding the following mind tricks to our list—all of which enable you to summon the confidence gods in five minutes or less, starting with body language.

"Standing up straight and tall, uncrossing your arms, and making eye contact with the person to whom you're speaking, are all crucial elements for ensuring that you come across as confident as you possibly can," writes Inc.'s Peter Economy, the best-selling author of Managing for Dummies

Economy also recommends preparing for any high-pressure events in advance in an effort to dissipate feelings of uneasiness and increase confidence. "Knowing what to expect, when and where, allows you to mentally steel yourself for what may be coming," he writes. "Looking and feeling your best and most confident before the next hurdle life throws at you" can help you adapt to even the most unexpected of circumstances. 

What do you do to feel more confident in a snap? Share your tips with us below!

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