A Traditional Paradise in Punta Cana

Peter Dolkas
Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-8 If you follow the trad-savvy interior designer Mark D. Sikes on Instagram you know he just got back from a dream vacation in the Dominican Republic. He went to visit interior designer Bunny Williams and antiques showroom owner John Roselli, a Traditional power couple, at their Punta Cana estate La Colina. The home feels of another era, where you could escape to an island for weeks at a time and get lost in reading books, tanning by the pool, and - of course - amassing an antique collection. Although the pair kept most of the furniture relatively simple for La Colina, with white duck and ocean blue cotton upholstery, the home is full of character with it's collections of blue and white ceramics, glass hurricanes, chinoiserie, and commissioned scenic panels. There is so much beauty to admire in the home, we wonder if Sikes ever had time to hit the beach. Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-10 Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-13 Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-2 Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-3 Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-4 Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-6 Bunny-Williams-Point-of-View-5 For more of La Colina pick up a copy of Bunny Williams' Point of View.

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