5 Things to Talk About Today

Sacha Strebe
  • A startup backed by Uber’s co-founder wants to change the way you pump gas. Gas stations have remained relatively unchallenged for the past 50 years, until now. Bruno Uzzan’s new Purple mobile app lets you order gas directly to your cars location. Simply tell Purple where your car is parked, go to bed, and wake up the next day with your tank filled. Its currently only available in Los Angeles. — Business Insider
  • Frida Kahlo’s 6000+ photograph collection has been revealed and collated into a new book. The self-portraits had been previously overlooked and put into storage along with many of her furnishings. Kahlo discovered photography at an early age thanks to her father, and used to take images of herself as therapy, to “depict her emotional and physical struggles.” Now the images have been published in a new book, Frida Kahlo: Her Photos (RM Publishing). — Nowness
  • McDonald’s announces all-day breakfast, and the public goes crazy. According to the fast-food chain’s outgoing U.S. president, Jeff Stratton, the all-day breakfast menu was “the consumers’ idea” and began testing in several markets. This is the biggest change to the McDonald’s menu in six years. — Today
  • Slipknot has taken its music to the next level by opening a house theme park. The band is renowned for its horrifying shows, with crazy costumes and scary on-stage theatrics. The attraction, titled Scream Park, has been described by the band as “absolutely sickening.” Based in Sacramento, California, the park will feature three outrageous haunted houses and live horror entertainment.NME
  • Teachers in Pennsylvania will return to work this week, but they won’t be getting paid. The Chester Upland School District is amid a severe budget crisis, yet the educational staff voted to “put the children first” and return to work despite no money. Situated in Delaware, the school serves 13,000 students, and budget woes have grown as more students enroll in local public charter schools.Huffington Post

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