Get the Pulp Fiction Look at Home

Peter Dolkas

No one would deem Quentin Tarantino an interior decorator, but his 1994 black-comedy crime film Pulp Fiction actually provides some serious décor? inspiration. We're not saying to spill blood on the floor and call it a rug; but take cues from the retro interiors, campy violence, and slinky style of Uma Thurman's character Mia Wallace. Of course, you'll need a Gun Bedside Table Lamp to keep you safe, a cup and saucer reminiscent of Jack Rabbit Slim's, and a Kangaroo Desk Valet so you don't lose your watch (you feel us, Bruce?). The key to having that Tarantino quality to your home is incorporating unexpected elements, so your guests never know what to expect when they turn the next corner. You're soon to love your home just as much as the cult film; a feeling akin to winning the Twist contest.


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