This Simple Hack Boosts Productivity by 46%

Sophie Miura

If you're struggling with a lengthy to-do list as the Memorial Day weekend draws near, a new study might have the solution. Texan researchers have found that boosting productivity at work might be simple: Stand up.  

According to Inc., researchers from Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health followed a group of call center workers for six months. Half of the test group was given standing desks—workstations that can be lifted and lowered so employees can stand throughout the day—while the rest continued to make calls from their seat.

The findings were startling: Those who stood while working were 46% more productive than their sedentary co-workers, logging a higher number of successful calls per hour. Plus, 75% reported a decrease in back and body discomfort. 

"We believe that decreases in body discomfort may account for some of the productivity differences between the two groups," says Gregory Garrett, lead author and public health doctoral student. "However, standing desks may have an impact on cognitive performance, which is the focus of some of our research going forward."

Looking to incorporate their findings into your daily routine? If your workplace doesn't offer standing desks, simply taking a short break to walk and stretch could benefit productivity. Long weekend, here we come. 

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