5 Idyllic Private Islands to Rent With All Your Closest Friends

by Zoe Brown

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At this point in our adult lives, we are all experts on what to pack should we ever be stuck on a deserted island. Maybe you would choose 10 albums or movies to take with you, regardless of the available technology that will play your discs or digital downloads. Curiously, no one ever thinks to take along toiletries or clothing, but what if we told you that you didn’t have to be stranded without basic amenities?

There are many tiny islands all over the world available to rent for your own private vacation. The most popular destinations tend to be in the Caribbean or in the Pacific near the equator, due to the predictably gorgeous weather. No matter where you go, expect to experience an intimate getaway as you explore the local surroundings and attractions. If an adventure is what you are after, there are ample excursions into nature or in the sea to explore. If you are more interested in serene pampering, take advantage of the spas and meditative options available at each destination.

Below explore five private islands to rent for your very own off-the-grid vacation.

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