A Lip Reader Reveals What Prince Harry Said to Meghan Markle at the Altar

Sophie Miura

While all eyes were on Meghan Markle during the royal wedding, we couldn't help but watch Prince Harry's gorgeous reaction when he first saw the bride. Markle arrived at St. George's Chapel in a minimal, open-neckline wedding gown by Givenchy and the prince's reaction was absolutely priceless. 

Prince Harry stood at the altar and watched as Markle walked down the aisle alone. According to professional lip reader James Freeston of 121Captions, the groom spoke first to his father then to Markle. "Thank you father," he said when they reached the altar, Cosmopolitan reports. 

Then, Harry turned to Meghan Markle and said, "Are you OK? You look amazing," says Freeston of the inaudible footage broadcast of the wedding. She replied, "Thank you," then made a comment that Freeston couldn't lipread. 

Take a look at the moment Prince Harry saw bride Meghan Markle—and pass the tissues. 

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