Why It's Time to Wrap Your Head Around Postbiotics

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler


Just when we thought we had a good understanding of how to achieve primo gut health (sauerkraut and kombucha FTW), science has gone and discovered that pre- and probiotics aren’t as effective as we first thought. Instead, a study conducted by RMIT University's Gut Neuroscience Lab and reported on Nine's Coach, has revealed that postbiotics are the real gut-healer. According to the study, it might not be probiotics that help our gut, but instead the chemicals and molecules that they secrete (read: postbiotics), that are the key to health benefits and increased gut health. “If we could isolate that individual chemical, we could pop that into a pill and that chemical might be a more efficient and easier way to deliver the benefit of the bacteria,” Dr. Paul Bertrand, head of the study, explained. Until further research is done, sticking to a high-fibre diet is your best bet for optimising gut health, “The best thing you can do for your gut health is follow a varied, high-fibre diet,” says Dr. Bertrand. Pass us the lentils.

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