3 Positivity Mantras for a Calmer, More Confident You

Kelsey Clark

Given our tumultuous political landscape and the less-than-cheerful time of year, it's safe to say we could all use a little positivity right now. Enter Sherianna Boyle, psychologist and author of Mantras Made Easy, which is a collection of chants and slogans designed to tackle all of life's biggest challenges. "Just like you are programmed to respond to the ring of your phone, you can program repeated words and phrases into your subconscious mind," explains Boyle. "Mantras are a way to clear up negative actions, opening up new pathways for positive ones." Here are three of her favourite mantras to help you tackle career goals, anxiety, and finding the meaning of life:

"I give myself permission to prioritise the things that bring me joy, creativity, and connection."

Sherianna Boyle, on finding happiness

When lacking a sense of direction, Boyle recommends focusing on the positives and tapping into the many activities that bring joy to your life, whether that be art, nature, animals, or music. 

"I have the confidence and knowledge to take action."

Sherianna Boyle, on attracting success

Don't sit back and wait for your dream life to fall into place—in Boyle's words, "creating a life of abundance requires some level of action." Put pen to paper and create a plan; then use the above mantra to help actualise your dreams.

"It's got to be better than I think."

Sherianna Boyle, on beating anxiety

Go beyond your thoughts with this simple eight-word mantra. "It reminds you that your thoughts could never capture the possibilities and magnificence that are available to you when you allow yourself to move through your feelings and detach from thinking," she concludes.

What positivity mantras do you live by? Share your thoughts with us below!

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