This Is What Your Name Would be If You Were Born Today

Lauren Powell

Do you ever think of your name as completely beige among the offspring today? Some have titles so hip they are almost destined for stardom, purely for the fact they have a name cooler than a rock star’s pseudonym. Just take a look at these next gen baby names, the baby boy names that are also cute for girls, and this stylish parenting blogger’s favourites. Likewise, have you ever wondered what your name might be if you were born today, in 2017? Thanks to TIME, you can stop now wondering.

The online news giant has researched and recorded the popularity of every name dating back to 1890, giving you the opportunity to find out what your name would be if you were born today—based on your name’s popularity during the year you were actually born. Fascinating! For example, men born in 1983 and named the most popular name of the year, Michael, would today be called the current most popular boy’s name, Noah. 

TIME has created an interactive feature which allows you to enter your name, birth date, and sex, and it will match your name’s popularity in the year you were born with the equivalent today. Genius. And you can now call me Avery.

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