9 Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Pool Houses

Ashley Trudeau

Summer is officially in full swing, meaning hot days that leave us itching to be near the water 24/7. We’re all for hitting the beach as much as possible, but sometimes we’d rather take a dip while also enjoying all the comforts of home (read: no trekking and schlepping in vicious temps). That leaves the next best thing: the pool. And what’s better than a pool to jump into on a hot summer day? An adjacent pool house to relax in afterward, of course. Pool houses provide many practical benefits, including a place to cool off, refresh your beverage, and unwind without having to worry about tracking your wet feet all over the main house floor. But they also transform a rather utilitarian outdoor space into a sophisticated setting that encourages lounging long after the sun has gone down. Keep scrolling to see some of our favourite pool houses around!

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