Tour an Ultra-Linear Apartment in Greece

Julia Millay Walsh

When you're so caught up with décor, it's easy to overlook the impact interior architecture can have on a home. In this Athens, Greece apartment designed by Point Supreme, the aesthetic of the space is almost entirely determind by the architecture and the finishes. The focal point of the home is a custom staircase that sits on top of the kitchen counter and is surrounded by glass window panes, so the chef of the house is looking at its bright yellow steps as he or she cooks. A mix of mosaic and cement tiles in various colours throughout the home bring a spirited, artistic vibe. And horizontal and vertical lines everywhere make you feel like you're living in a Rubik's cube. The treatment of colour—rich teal, pastel peach, sunny yellow—continues the playful style. The home is wholly inspiring—and proof that a true creative mind knows know limits.

Scroll below to take the tour.

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