We've Found 3 Ways to Style This Versatile $3 IKEA Buy

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Confession: Sometimes, I stay awake at night contemplating just how to style a product I've recently found on Instagram. And I'm sure I'm not alone. So, when I took my regular scroll through IKEA's feed and stumbled across its brass Dadai Plant Pot, I couldn't help but think of all the versatile ways it could be used in my home as a luxe and equally practical addition. 

And, while I love its primary use (you know, for plants), more frequently I've been seeing metallic cylinder holders used as storage hacks in the bathroom, on makeup counters, even candle holders. And, if there's one thing my sleep-deprived self loves more than late-night styling, it's an affordable purchase that can change uses as the trends do.

Keep scrolling to see my favourite styling uses for this affordable accessory, and to shop similar items below.



#1: for your desk accessories

It's no secret a gilded accent for the home office is on everyone's wishlist, and using this planter as a pencil holder for all your desk accouterments is the perfect way to bring added detail to your workspace. 

#2: as a mini vase

Sometimes, the delicate, smaller flowers that bloom in spring don't fit well in long, narrow vases. I particularly love smaller flower arrangements peppered around the house, which makes this small bold vase a lovely partnership with fresh blooms. 

#3: layered with other planters

IKEA have predicted the layering trend that I also think will be huge this season, offering different sizes of this planter to purchase. Mixing sizes, textures, and plants in a corner allows your space to feel like a private oasis. 

Shop some of our favourite metallic planters:

Ferm Living Brass Hexagonal Pot ($79)


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