Everyone's Talking About This New Nut Milk and You Need to Try It

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

As far as health trends go, alternative milk sources are a hot topic. With their endless health benefits, and the fact you can DIY your own at home, we understand why these milks have been on trend the past few years. HuffPost Australia recently listed different ways to easily create your own nut milk at home, so you can imagine how excited we were to see a new trend emerge. Pistachio milk is quietly gaining steam as an alternative milk source, and we couldn't be more excited. Yes, the milk does come out green, but don’t let the colour of it turn you off. It's deliciously creamy and tastes fresh. Best of all, it only requires four ingredients. You’ll go nuts for the recipe below. 

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1 cup raw shelled pistachios

4 cups water

1 tsp. vanilla extract (or 1 vanilla bean)

1 tbsp. maple syrup


Soak shelled pistachios in water for 6 hours. Rinse and drain.

Place pistachios in blender with 4 cups of water and blend until smooth.

Add vanilla and maple syrup, and blend until combined.

Pour contents through a nut milk bag into a jug. Discard any solids.

Can be stored in a refrigerator for several days. Give it a shake before using as it may separate.

Use in place of milk in cereal or baked goods, as a comforting drink on its own, or with cocoa powder for a pistachio hot chocolate.

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