This Is How Weddings Will Be Different This Year

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

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My Pinterest obsession is a love/hate relationship. I can lose hours pinning my dream homes, recipes I can’t wait to make for Friday night dinner (but know I never will), travel ideas, and of course my dream wedding. I find myself down this rabbit hole more than once a day, especially when it comes to creating beautiful wedding boards (Note: I'm not even engaged).

It's currently wedding season around the world (autumn and spring are traditionally the most popular time of year to get married), and 40 million people have saved 3 billion wedding-related ideas from January through to March. That’s a lot of white tulle. According to Pinterest, the wedding trends of 2017 are basically to throw an amazing party. 

Keep scrolling to see our top three wedding trends of 2017.

Taco Bars

This trend hardly needs an explanation, nor a sell. Allow your guests to self-serve tacos while you leave behind the hassle of a formal sit-down dinner. Plus, you’re saving money and making more time for dancing!

Mini Moons

We are seeing a rise in popularity for destination weddings within our circles, which means whole groups are tagging along with the happy couple for a holiday, either pre-wedding and/or for the honeymoon, making a whole new wedding term—the mini moon. 

After-After Party

This is one for the spontaneous couple: wedding reception part two—why didn’t we think of this sooner? While people start to trail off the dance floor, and the last piece of cake has been cleared, the real party begins! Organise a small soiree after the party, where guests pay their own way and you can all let your hair down.

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