Apparently, Every Wedding You Attend in 2017 Will Look Like This

Sophie Miura

With more than 150 million monthly users, Pinterest's extensive database of images is a gold mine for brides-to-be. Rife with inspiration on everything from the bouquet to the table setting, it's also an excellent platform to search for potential trends. 

The social media platform has just done exactly that—it'a scanned millions of wedding pins and released Wedding Report 2017, a forecast of the top trends you'll see everywhere this year. While some trends aren't for everyone ("I do" tattoos are on the rise), the list does provide some interesting suggestions for ways to give your nuptials a modern update. Dusty-rose colour themes, greenery on tables, and drip cakes are all set to be big, whereas geode cakes, one of the biggest wedding trends last year, are out. 

Ready your Pinterest board: These are the five trends every bride-to-be should note. 

IN: Drip Cakes
OUT: Geode Cakes


IN: Greener

OUT: Wildflowers


IN: Mountain Locations
OUT: Beach Settings


IN: No Bridesmaids
OUT: Big Bridal Parties


IN: Dusty Colours
OUT: Pastels


Would you try any of these wedding trends?

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