This Room Has Over 78,000 Shares on Pinterest—Here's Why We're Obsessed

Gabrielle Savoie

It's no secret that in 2017, we instinctively turn to Pinterest for décor inspiration. We scroll, search, and pin until we find The One—that elusive pin that is unique, perfectly imperfect, and inspires our entire décor scheme. What makes a pin go viral? Some interiors get very little love on Pinterest while others skyrocket and end up in every single one of our dream home décor boards. We set out to find the common thread between these sensations of the Pinterest world.

To do this, we tapped our favourite Pinterest influencers to share their most popular pin this month. These interior designers, creative directors, and freelance stylists have built a cult following on the social platform, thanks to their curated aesthetics and discerning eye. Their feeds are a veritable colour-coordinated feast for the eyes. Their pins can easily dictate how we paint our nails, dress for spring, or decorate. One particular pin—a cosy Scandinavian entryway—had over 78,000 impressions in March only. Curious to know how to re-create the look of these rockstar rooms? We found the best décor options to do so.

Next up: You can make your home look expensive without spending big—here's how.

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