Inside a Fashion Designer's Achingly Cool Parisian Pad

Sophie Miura

New York Fashion Week might be in full swing, but if we were designer Pierre Hardy, we'd never consider leaving home. Hardy, a fashion icon known for his eponymous brand and work at Balenciaga and Dior, opened his doors to The Wall Street Journal for an exclusive home tour—and yes, the Parisian pad is everything we'd hoped it would be (and more).

Journalist Alexandra Marshall likens visiting the duplex, nestled in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris, to walking into one of Hardy's handbags. "It's not just the cube-shaped eyes on his Daniel Arsham painting—evoking the 3-D cube print the designer has used every season for the past six years," she writes. "Graphic lines are everywhere, rendered more dramatic against copious amounts of black."

It only takes one glance at his home tour to see that Hardy has a favourite hue. "Black is not a choice because I find it more beautiful than anything else," he says. "Other things look better against it."

Take a look inside Pierre Hardy's effortlessly cool Parisian home:

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