The Chic Girl's Guide to Hosting a Fabulous Goldfish Funeral

Julia Millay Walsh
When we recently unexpectedly lost our office pet goldfish, Bubbles, we decided to mourn the Domaine way: throwing a chic funeral with stylish tabletop décor, an inventive menu, and a fabulous burial ground. It was important for us to incorporate Bubbles' habitat into the event aesthetic, as well as create a menu that we know he would have loved. Should your favourite cold-blooded pal meet the same fate, here's how you, too, can mourn your fish fashionably. _3
8-fish-funeral Ombré School of Goldfish Crackers We couldn't think of a more fitting hors d'oeuvre for the event than Pepperidge Farm Goldfish?, but to elevate the simple baked snack crackers to new heights of chic, we presented them in a trend-forward ombré effect. Follow the recipe below to recreate the look.
Ingredients 12 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish? Parmesan Baked Snack Crackers 12 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish? Original Baked Snack Crackers 12 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish? Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers
g1 g2 g3
Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish Parmesan Baked Snack Crackers, Price Upon Request, Target Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish Original Saltine Baked Snack Crackers, Price Upon Request, Target Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers, Price Upon Request, Target
Directions 1. Count out 12 of each cracker varietal. 2. Transitioning left to right from light (parmesan) to dark (cheddar), arrange each set of crackers in a 3x4 grid on a rectangular white tray. 3. Using a ruler to measure, carefully space out each cracker by 1-inch -- no more, no less -- ensuring that they are evenly arranged. Gorgeous Gravel
new_main We repurposed the chic black and neon gravel from Bubbles' very own tank, to create an elegant display for cellophane-wrapped black licorice, standing each candy at varying heights in the gravel using a bamboo cocktail pick.
6-fish-funeral In addition, we recalled Bubbles' colourful and speckled fish tank gravel with small dishes of Nerds candy, served in a set of Tom Dixon Form Bowls, as well as sprinkled whipped cream and fresh meringue pastries from leading Los Angeles bakery Bo Nuage.
g5 g7 g9
Top Fin Premium Quality Aquarium Gravel, $3, PetSmart Tom Dixon Form Bowl Set, $90, Y Living Bamboo Knot Picks, $250, World Market
newest We wanted guests to have a keepsake in memory of Bubbles to take home with them, so we hand-crafted boutonnières using Bubbles' very own pink aquarium plant. To make your own honorary boutonnières, follow the instructions below.
  Supplies 1 artificial plant, such as the Top Fin Artificial Princess Pine Aquarium Plant 1 roll of 1-inch-wide black satin ribbon Scissors Safety pins
g4 g10 g11
Top Fin Artificial Princess Pine Aquarium Plant, $3, PetSmart Black Double Face Satin Ribbon, $7 (25 Yards), Online Fabric Store Singer Safety Pin, $6, Walgreens
The Steps Cut your fish's decorative fish tank plant into three-inch lengths (ideally one for each guest). For each plant piece, cut one six-inch length of ribbon. Fashion the ribbon into a loop and safety pin the plant to the ribbon, with the satin surface facing outward. Pin onto your guest's chest.


5-fish-funeral Bubbles was a well-mannered, classy fish, so we opted for sophisticated, classic black and white palette with touches of gold and crystal. We accessorized with chic striped table linens, white flowers, black Archipelago candles, rose gold flatware, and crystal Williams-Sonoma champagne coupes.
g13 g12 g14
Dorset Champagne Coupe, $60 (Set of Two), Williams-Sonoma Black Forest Soy Votive Set, $50, Archipelago Rose Gold Flatware Set, $140 (Set of Four), West Elm
19-fish-funeral In an homage to Bubbles, we displayed his portrait prominently on a small easel, allowing guests to give him one final goodbye.
  Rest in peace, Bubbles. You will be missed.   _new Photographs: Aaron Fallon Special Thanks: Guerrin Gardner and Lauren Benz Phillips 
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