This Classic Australian Dessert Recipe Will Make You Nostalgic for Summer

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

The Unicorn

Personally, I believe pavlova is the best dessert to ever exist. Huge call, I know, but nothing could possibly beat the sweet combination of the crispy meringue, freshly whipped cream, and seasonal fruits. If you agree, but, like me, are somewhat of a culinary novice, never fear as we may have just found one of the best recipes in town. Chefs at traditional Aussie pub The Unicorn, in Sydney’s Paddington, pride themselves on their pav, which boasts a banana custard filling and colourful five-fruit garnish—impressive. This '90s-esque pub was founded by the duo behind the famous Mary's in Newtown, Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham, who have a passion for Aussie grub. Smyth and Graham’s top tips for creating the perfect pavlova? Go bananas. “The banana, a much maligned pavlova fruit is the key to ours,” says Smyth. “Embrace it—it provides a base of flavour for everything else to spring from.” And secondly, avoid kiwi fruit. “Controversial? Yes, but most shipped into Australia actually come from China or Italy,” adds Smyth. “Known as the Chinese Gooseberry, the actual kiwi fruit from kiwi land comes in for a reasonably short season.” Read on to find out how to perfect this Aussie classic at home.



180g Fresh egg white
360g Caster sugar
1 tsp Cornflour

1. Whip egg whites to soft peaks before gradually adding caster sugar, continue whipping after all sugar is added until you have a silky smooth glossy meringue. Fold through the corn flour.
2. Spread into a 10" diameter circle onto a baking tray lined with silicone paper and put in the oven at 110 degrees celcuis for 1.5-2 hours. It should be crispy on the outside and when cracked should expose a slight marshmallow texture inside. Allow it to cool for a few hours

4 Bananas
1l Milk
200 Sugar
100 Custard powder
200g Yolk
Vanilla bean

1. In a blender, blend banana, yolk, sugar, and custard powder together.
2. Bring milk to the boil with the vanilla, add some hot milk to the banana mix than add it all together in the pot and whisk until thick and smooth, cool in the fridge with glad wrap touching the surface to prevent a skin.
3. When the custard is cold, fold through 100g whipped fresh cream to 200g of custard mix.



1 punnet of blueberries
2 punnet strawberry
2 bananas
6 passion fruits
1 punnet raspberries
Fresh mint leaves to decorate

Spread the banana cream over the cooled meringue base, cut the fruits and arrange until the cream covered in fresh fruit. Drizzle with fresh passion fruit and dot the mint leaves into any gaps.

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Is pavlova one of your favourite desserts? Share your tips for making the perfect version below!

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