Why You Should Put One Pattern Everywhere

Single-pattern rooms -- you know the ones, where the walls, drapery, upholstery, and other details are covered in the same fabric -- are on our radar thanks to their fresh look peppered with traditional undertones, seen here in a room by Alessandra Branca. We're digging this luxurious technique where high canopies, elegant furniture, and elaborate window treatments create an enveloping, cosy feeling that's perfect for bedrooms, libraries, and family rooms. If you're considering going this more-is-more route, read on for five pieces of advice.


Just because you love a pattern doesn't necessarily mean it's well suited to cover all of the surfaces of your space. Pay attention to how often the print's pattern is repeated, how large the individual components of the design are, and if the fabric has a largely vertical pattern. Large-scale prints are great for large spaces with high ceilings while a smaller design will work well in a more petite space.
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"Baja Diamond", $10/yd., Fabric.com "Swaying Palms", $14/yd., Jo-Ann "Emerald Damask", $20/yd., Mood


Having your heart set this technique can be crushing once you realise just how quickly the necessary yardage adds up. Before shopping for prints, know how many yards of fabric you'll need for the walls, window treatments, upholstery, pillows, and lampshades you wish to cover. Prevent unnecessary heartache by shopping only for prints which fit in your budget.

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"Confection Shale", $8/yd., Jo-Ann "Isabella Coral", $8/yd., Fabric.com "Borderline Lacquer", $8/yd., Jo-Ann

_3This is certainly a look for the bold and the brave but there does need to be some element of restraint when executing a single-pattern room. Incorporate pieces with solid upholstery or heavily textured rugs, throw pillows, and blankets to break things up a bit and help visually distinguish between the design's different elements.

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"Evelynne Baltic", $8/yd., Calico "Marbleized Zinc", $16/yd., Jo-Ann "Botany Flora", $13/yd., Fabric.com


This look definitely leans more formal and traditional, but it can still work in modern environments. Look for patterns with a contemporary style, unusual colour combinations, or modern imagery. A stylish fabric will help this look feel fresh and young.
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"Renegade Mineral Green", $18/yd., Fabric.com "Amin Saffron", $50/yd., Calico "Flax Zebra Canvas",$25/yd., Mood


To help highlight edges, draw attention to window treatments, and to personalise the space, incorporate decorative trims, tapes, and cords. Though these details are typically found in more traditional spaces, most sources carry contemporary and modern options that will create contrast without detracting from the power of the print.
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"Decorative Ball Fringe", $17/yd. Calico "3/4 Square Nailhead Leather Trim", inquire for price, Samuel & Sons "Berlin Jacquard Tape", $15/yd., Calico 
To brush up on your print knowledge, make sure to check out our list of nine classic fabric patterns you need to know. Photographs: 1. Jeffrey Bilhuber (designer and source), 2. Aerin Lauder photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue, 3. Alessandra Branca (designer and source), 5. David Netto (source)  photographed by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda, 6. Aerin Lauder photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue, 7. Jeffrey Bilhuber (designer and source), 8. Mary McDonald (designer and source), 9. photographed by Sharyn Cairns for Home Life

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