Here's the Ultimate Party-Planning Checklist for Your Next Soirée

by Zoe Brown

There are three phases of party planning: excitement, anxiety, and acceptance. The idea always comes from a wholesome place—who doesn’t love spending time with friends and family? But eventually the work of putting the party together becomes a reality, which ushers in stress. Take a deep breath and let this be your party planning guide.

Lists are always a good way to get organised. But even after writing everything down, there may still be a risk of forgetting something intangible but equally important, like the playlist of music for the night. Don’t let nerves and moving parts distract you from putting on the best party possible.

MyDomaine enlisted the expertise of Cortney Novogratz of Bravo’s 9 By Design and HGTV’s Home by Novogratz; Jenna Kincaid, Associate Art Director of Lulu & Georgia; and designer, artist, and author Justina Blakeney to reveal their party planning checklists. Altogether, they provided many excellent tips to make your party the envy of the block.

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