Step Inside This Sydney Girl’s Cosy Parisian Apartment

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

When we think about our perfect life, it usually has at least one French aspect attached to it, and this Australian writer and editor is living close to that dream. She calls Paris home, writes for Vogue Australia, and has one of the chicest Parisian apartments we’ve seen. Yes, this is Alice Cavanagh’s real life, and we want to be in it, please. Luxury homewares label In Bed caught up with the Cavanagh who has lived abroad for six years. Cavanagh divulged her favourite places to eat in Paris, and why she will never move back home to Sydney.

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IN BED: How long have you been living in Paris? Do you think you will stay living there or move elsewhere in the future?

ALICE CAVANAGH: I’ve been here for six years and the time has flown. It suits me perfectly for now.I love being in Europe and being able to travel and my work here is very stimulating. Plus, every day still offers a new discovery—big or small—and I’m someone who needs that. We’re happy here but who knows about the future. I certainly miss my family in Australia but selfishly wish they would all just move here because for now I can’t imagine moving home.

IB: Where are some of your places you like to go in your neighbourhood?

AC: I love that Paris can be explored by foot or by bike. I don’t miss getting in a car, AT ALL. In my neighbourhood, we have some great restaurants: Achille and Le Grand Bain for dinner, Mokonuts for lunch, I love going for a drink at Aux Deux Amis. I don’t really shop in Paris (I’m an online shopper) but I do love spending an afternoon at Le Bon Marche. It feels like a real outing. Otherwise, we tend to seek out green spaces in our leisure time or walk along the Seine. The mayor of Paris has made the road next to the Seine pedestrian only and I’ve decided it’s our version of the Bondi to Bronte.

IB: Can you tell us about some of the pieces in your home, and the stories behind them?

AC: We moved a year ago and pretty much started from scratch. We’d recently married and this was the first home we choose together. We’ve acquired things very slowly and the house still feels quite minimal. Every other month we’ll buy a chair or a piece of art. I’ve liked taking our time and considering each and every addition. I love our Ercol coffee table that I found from a second hand store, and also the Niels O Moller desk chair — I looked for that for a while. My friend Mel O’Callaghan gave us a beautiful artwork as a wedding present. It’s from her paint pouring series and I love the colours.

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