This Gorgeous Parisian Tree House Brings the Outside In

Sacha Strebe

There’s something quite magical about this Parisian apartment that harks back to fond childhood memories of climbing trees and playing make-believe in the backyard. Perhaps this is the kind of nostalgia interior architect Grégoire de Lafforest and his wife, Stephanie, wanted to give their three children (Petronille, 6; Auguste, 4; and Emile, 11 months) when they first drew up the plans for this classic early 20th-century apartment, featured in InsideOut. On Paris’s Right Bank in the 11th arrondissement, Grégoire designed the charming 103-square-meter place to include houses within the house so the rooms mimic individual homes, such as the greenhouse kitchen, a delightful artificial tree in the living area, and a street setting for an entryway. The whimsical look is balanced by practical design to accommodate their growing family, including a solid oak floor, natural materials, and neutral tones throughout.

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