Meet the French City That is Banning the Use of Cars

Katie Sweeney

Parisians have always been considered trend forward, so it’s no surprise that the French capital will make history on September 27th. For one day, the city is banning the use of cars. Forbes is reporting on Une Journée Sans Voiture — A Day Without Car where no motorised vehicles (with a few exceptions like ambulances) will be allowed to drive the streets. Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo said “Paris will be completely transformed for a day. This is an opportunity for Parisians and tourists to enjoy the city without noise, pollution and therefore without stress.” The city spends more than 100 billion Euros on pollution each year, so A Day Without Car is one way that the government hopes to reduce air pollution while highlighting the issue. Paris isn’t alone in the movement to reduce car use, Montreal, Bogota, Mexico City, Ho Chi Minh City, and Brussels all have instituted Day Without Car programs. If Paris is successful, other city’s could be more inclined to make their own transportation changes. Could you imagine what Los Angeles would be like if cars were banned even just for one day?

Do your part by riding a bike instead of driving a car.

What do you think of Day Without Car?

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