These Fathers Prove That Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Man

Kelly Muller

Without a doubt, we wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for our mothers. Brave, caring, selfless, multitasking, strong, and thoughtful, our mums help to shape us into who we are. However, since having my daughter Sunny late last year, I can’t help but want to celebrate the dads too—mostly, my husband, Josh, because he does equal to, if not more than I do, when it comes to raising our child and I feel like there’s still a huge divide when it comes to equal parenting.

When I was a kid, my dad used to come home from work, pat us on the head, ask what time dinner was then sit on the couch and reach for the remote. In our household, Josh is the key settler. He is softer, calmer, and protective with Sunny—it’s clear that he makes her feel safe. I often turn to Josh for guidance, support or direction, because as a first time parent, I only know as much about this parenting gig as he does.

Dads now share the physical and emotional load of parenting. He worries when Sunny is unwell, he knows when she’s not herself, when she needs to be fed, changed, burped or bathed. He races home to be part of the bedtime routine and he feels guilty if he doesn’t make it.

Admittedly, for this generation of dads, fatherhood is much tougher than it was for their fathers or their grandfathers because the expectations are much higher. My granddad waited in the hall while my 18-year-old grandmother gave birth to my mother; my own father passed out during my birth; and yet when I brought our darling daughter earthside, my husband whispered words of encouragement in my ear as he held my hand and told me through tears that he could see her head.

As the definition of being a dad continues to evolve, read on to hear from four hands-on dads to be inspired by modern day parenting.

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